What is Finishing Strong?


Finishing Strong exists to provide a safe, grace based fellowship of recovery where men can experience healing from destructive sexual behavior-porn, masturbation, adultery- so they can finish the Christian life strong. Using Biblical principles, Finishing Strong encourages men to experience healing and recovery with other men by establishing weekly opportunities for men to meet together in an ongoing support and growth group. Finishing Strong desires to present an environment where a man can establish sexual sobriety and grow in intimacy with God and others.


We believe that no deep, viable, long term change will happen in a man’s life apart from the Word of God and Spirit of God in the context of a community of men. Destructive sexual behavior drives us into ever increasing isolation. Healing and recovery can only take place in the community of other men.


Finishing Strong groups meet weekly for 60 to 75 minutes and are limited to 10 to 12 men. The groups have a content portion where life recovery principles are discussed. The groups also give opportunity each week for a man to confess any slips, temptations, feelings, and thoughts during the past week or celebrate with a man a great week of recovery. The groups seek to build community– a fellowship of like-minded men seeking to encourage each other to not let destructive sexual behavior be an obstacle to finishing the Christian life strong. Weekly topics include- “Why do I do what I do?, Where does the journey begin?, Is being alone, really bad company? What is so important about honesty?”


Groups meet at various locations. Creating a safe place for men to meet is vital to recovery so it is essential that anonymity and confidentiality is established. Groups are open to new men but are restricted in the sense that each man first is ‘interviewed’ before joining a group. Please fill out the contact page if you would like more information.


The groups meet weekly. This is not a 12 week study. Life recovery and finishing strong is an ongoing process.


How do you find out more? Please fill out our confidential contact page and someone will respond to your request within 24 hours.

“Finishing Strong has been and continues to be one of the important elements of my recovery journey. Over the years Finishing Strong has helped me find freedom from my destructive sexual behavior and has helped me deepen my relationship with God and others in my life. Finishing Strong is where my ‘real’ friends hang, friends that I enjoy doing life with, guys I can be open with. I hope men, no matter what life situation they find themselves in can experience the freedom from addiction that Finishing Strong has given me.”
– Finishing Strong Participant