For Wives

Finishing Strong for Wives“My church friend told me I just needed to forgive my husband and surrender our marriage to God. I don’t think they understand the depth of what I am going through.”
–Betrayed Wife.

“I feel so betrayed that I don’t know if I want to be married anymore. I am just so devastated. How could he treat me like that? Is it wrong to feel this way? Does it mean I am less trusting of God? What is the point of staying with a person if he won’t stay with you?”
-Another Betrayed Wife

We know how lost and alone that you can feel when you make the shattering discovery that the one you loved has betrayed you.

“Secret addiction, secret life, my husband has chosen sin for his wife.”
–And Another Betrayed Wife

Each betrayed woman must-

Finishing Strong for Wives–          Claim her right to heal
–          Express her emotions to trusted people
–          Keep her heart open to healing
–          Become a thriver, not remain a victim
–          Come to God as her Healer and Rebuilder

Although Finishing Strong does not provide groups for betrayed women, we do encourage you to use some of the following resources to benefit you:

–          “Untangled” – Shirley Valk-

–          Lighthouse Christian Counseling – Scott Courey- 1-616-394-4287.
–          Hoeksema Psychological Services PC – James Hoeksema- 1-616-355-0473.


–          Journey to Healing and Joy by Marsha Means.
–          Shattered Vows: Hope and Healing for Women Who Have Been Sexually Betrayed by Debra Laaser.
–          An Affair of the Mind by Laurie Hall

If your husband is ready to take the next step, have him fill out our confidential contact page. If you want more information about Finishing Strong for your husband, you can fill out the confidential contact page.