• Trapped?
  • Out of Control?
  • Discouraged?
  • Double Life?
  • Alone?
  • Hopeless?
  • Isolated?
  • Deception?

You are not alone!

Today many men feel the same way that you do because they have believed the lies that porn will satisfy. But like a thirsty man trying to quench his thirst with salt water, we are never satisfied with more porn. In fact we consume more porn and then more porn more often, and we get thirstier and thirstier but are never satisfied. We experience more emptiness and a deeper longing. Shame, guilt, and an increasing lack of integrity leads to more isolation and greater discouragement. Porn often leads to other destructive sexual behavior and further alienation from God and others.

Ready for a change? Ready to admit that increased personal willpower has not worked?

Today you can become part of group of men who are willing to battle for sexual purity and personal integrity. They are willing to do whatever it takes to fight lust and destructive sexual behavior. They have recognized that the battle for purity cannot be fought alone. Increased resolve and willpower are useless without a community of men.

Get connected today!

If you do not want to allow destructive sexual behavior to be an obstacle to FINISHING the Christian life STRONG, then contact us today!